1:30 a.m.

up until around midnight (no more Pepsi JENNY!!!)  Anyway, I read from the General Conference  issue of the Ensign, finished off my newest Johanna Lindsey, played solitaire, did some crossword puzzles and finally gave up and got up and went to my new playroom.  I set up a little magnetic board I got from Creative Memories with the print I got from the Brave Girls Club, ripped out inspiration pages from Where Women Create magazine (is it still in print?) and finally got tired enough to try sleeping again around 1:30.  I made the teenager shut off the soccer video game (Argh!) and then crawled into bed.  I have to say, sitting there in my little creative spot was a great quiet time.

I’m amazed that I’m actually up and functioning, but I don’t doubt the wind will go out of my sails at some point this afternoon.


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