Karen Klein

do you believe that happened?!  I would be soooo ashamed and beyond p-o’d if one of those little turds was my kid!   My youngest says that’s very common bus language and essentially it’s our fault — meaning the parents of his generation.  I don’t plan to cop to that, but I will agree that we have a responsibility to try to instill some measure of empathy and respect for others into our progeny.  These kids clearly don’t have any.  I pray their parents, the school district and the Greece, New York police come up with something really special for these foul mouthed harassers…  Yeah, I said it.


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  1. I know. When I heard about this one I thought, if that was my kid, they’d be in for a serious ass-kicking! Teaching our kids to treat others with respect is important. So is disciplining them when they don’t do it.

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