Okay, technically this is Hagrid’s hut, but I think it’s most definitely his home and therefore a really good example

so a week or so ago I was watching “When In Rome” with Josh Duhamel (he is such a cutey) anyway, the female lead is upset so he asks her one of the most amazing questions I think we can ever ask, “Where would you feel safe?”  In her case the answer was the Guggenheim.  In my case the answer would be “home”.  I’m grateful that I can answer that way.  It wasn’t always so in my youth.  In that case the answer might well have been a friend’s home, school or the library.  I digress. 

I’m reading Soul Space by Xorin Balbes, and while he’s a bit new agey for me, I am really into what I’ve read so far.  The foreward (which if I’m honest I usually skip over) is even good!  Marianne Williamson says,

“If you’re looking to make your home more reflective of the deepest truths of who you are and what you want in life, then SoulSpace is the coolest thing you could possibly read.  It takes you, and the home you live in, on a journey toward something beautiful and true.  And once there, you really do feel at home — not only in your house or apartment, but also in your soul.”


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