last night’s dream

I can’t remember a bit of it, but I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down the things that stood out.  I even looked up their meaning (keeping in mind I reject all of Freud’s stuff – that man had subscriptions let alone issues!).

Camping – Longing for relaxation and vacation.  Longing for a simpler life.

Escape/Flight – Repression.  Wherever you are fleeing you are also looking for something.  Ask yourself what your goals are.

Father – Bad Conscience.  A person who teaches the laws of life.

Son – Future ideas, creativity, something new.

Umbrella – Rejecting insight and ideas.  Have no direct contact with reality

Friend – Favorable news.  Something lost found.  Longing for social contact.

Rent – Using something without owning it.

Train – Fleeing form the present situation

Travel – Life’s path.


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