25 years

Friday will be 25 years with the same company.  19 of those in the law department.  More recently in Transmission Engineering.  Weird.  Growing up it was a big deal to live someplace for more than a year.  Then I joined the Army myself and it was a big deal to live anywhere for more than 3 years.  Now, I’ve lived in the same house for 16 years and worked for the same company for 25.  No wonder I need to travel.  Yep.  It’s not really an optional thing for me. 

I do have to say this was nearly my dream life though.  Living in one spot but traveling every summer.  Of course in the dream, I had a lot of available cash and would be gone for at least a month anywhere all over America and the rest of the world.  We’re not doing too badly though.  I am grateful to have a husband who supports my need to travel.  So I’ve been across country quite a bit.  I haven’t been anywhere yet this year, so that’s getting to be a problem, but plans are in the work for New York.  Corrs and I are thinking Soho on the next trip.  Then of course plans for the big trip for our 25th wedding anniversary to Italy next year.  So, just knowing the possibility of the trips are hanging out there helps. 

I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have some definite and some hopeful plans to travel…


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