flying business class

so… when my kids were little, they would have this pouty disappointed face I always thought of  as their “boo boo face.”  Looking as though they’re sad from a real injury when in fact it’s nothing more than dealing with consequences.  Well today I’ve got my boo boo face on.  Sat down to do the budget and I gotta tell you… reality bites. 

Regardless, this pollyana refuses to be subdued and is STILL planning to go to Italy next year!  Somehow we are going to make this work.  25 years deserves to be rewarded — even if I have to fly overseas coach (shudder).  It’s funny that I’m much more concerned about being cramped on the flight (thus risking being a pretzel from the arthritis) than I am about hotels or food.  I guess I figure if it’s got clean sheets the hotel room works and we are certainly good at grocery store dining when need be.  If it means the difference between going and not going absolutely I’m going to suck up the coach seats and be grateful for them.  I just don’t want to give up the dream.  I feel as though if I let that go, then I’m done.  I’m prepared to give up on a lot of things.  I’m not there. 

I am so blessed.  I can read.  I have a job.  I have a house.  I have an air conditioner and a tv.  I have a computer (albeit it’s my work computer at present as the others all need to go in the shop!).  I have family and friends and most importantly I have my God to lean on.  I just want more…  and I plan to get it.  So off to drag my boo boo face back to the bedroom to paint.  It requires effort not dollars and will make me happy – so let’s have at it.




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4 responses to “flying business class

  1. jan matthews

    I know you won’t give up the dream–you won’t spend that much time in the hotel, we always look for one with free breakfast of some sort and we’ve done our share of bread and cheese and a bottle of wine on the balcony for a meal. Short of a hostel (shudder), we always find significant deals on expedia, esp if you book sooner rather than later. Even Venice in winter is better than no Venice at all 🙂

  2. jan matthews

    Siena this year in September; in my “the glass is half-full” thinking, if the novel is acquired, the trip is a good way to kick off the blog eventually. Also, to start the next few novels set in Siena proper, I need to do a bit of physical research. Plying David with lots of red wine, of course, in the search for my ultimate medieval moments….

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