101 in 1001

I’m doing it.  Taking the challenge.  I borrowed liberally from Sarah on the Go‘s list before I wrote my list, so they’re not all under the proper headings, but I’m pretty excited abou this.  If you are prompted to play along, please do let me know.  Thank you!


1. Visit Winterthur

2. Build a piece of furniture

3. Quilt a blanket

4. Find the information on all four grandparents for my genealogy

5. Paint my bedroom

6. Create a piece of art

7. Get all my photos in order

8. Finish all  of the children’s albums through high school

9. Design and make a handbag

Body & Staying Active

10. Go to the gym or work out at home for 21 consecutive days

11. Give up soda for a month

12. Go vegetarian for an entire weekend

13. Lose 40 pounds

14.  Eat following the clean Eating Plan for 3 months

15.  Stay overnight at Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island

16. Hang out in Soho with Coreena

17. Visit the flea market and Lee Lee’s Valise in Brooklyn

18. Take all my meds regularly for 3 weeks

19. Get myself into top physical condition

20. Whiten my teeth

21. Finish an embroidery piece

22. Walk the full set of stairs at work once a day for a week

23. Get our Etsy.com shop up and running

24. Finish my tree skirt

25. Take dance lessons with Alan

26. Eat at Lutece

Reading, Writing & Entertainment

27. Visit Brimfield

28. Write the bones for my mother’s life story

29.  Have a Twilight movie marathon before I see the final movie

30. Blog three times a week

31. Read a spiritually challenging book each quarter

32. Write a love letter

33. Attend an away CK convention with Pauline

34. See one of my favorite singers/bands every year for the next three years 

35. Write 5 Blog posts about people I admire

36. Ask 10 people to suggest a book and read them all

37. Make a list of my 50 favorite songs

38. Write a letter of admiration to someone

39. See a Broadway show

40. Write a letter to myself to read at the end of the 1001 days

41. Read the New Testament before Labor Day 2012

42. Write my own life’s mission statement

43. Blog about each 101 challenge as I complete it.

44. Make a new 101 list on the 1001st day

45. Go see A Christmas Carol at St A’s

46. Spend an entire weekend without technology


47. Memorize the New Testament Scripture Masteries

48. Research beach houses

49. Print out all the pictures from my SD cards

50. See “Love, Loss and What I Wore” once more before it closes – Too late.  Closed before I made my list.  Changed this to visit the tea house in Maine Holly keeps telling me about. 

51. Get 100 followers on my blog

52. Pay off all my debt

53. See Blue Man Group

54.  Make a “hero” book for Garrett

Education & Spiritual

55. Attend New England Women’s Convention

56. Learn to speak conversational Italian

57. Attend Time Out for Women Convention

58. Visit the Guggenheim

Recreation & Miscellaneous Fun

59. Kiss my husband in front of the Trevi Fountain

60.  See the Nutcracker in Boston

61.  Visit 3 more states I haven’t visited

62. Visit Mont Vernon

63.  Paint and decorate my craft room

64. Organize a large summer barbecue with a ton of people

65. See a ballet in Boston and have dinner

66. Take a picture of something for each letter of the alphabet

67. Visit the Holocaust museum in D.C

68. Take a photography class

69. Throw a 4th of July party

70. See a live taping of a television show

71. Take handgun shooting lessons at a firing range

72.  Study Romania’s history – Got the book and whimped.  I’ll still read it (or parts thereof) but I’ve switched over to studying Italy.

73. Make a really cute apron

74. Plant a garden


75. Make a Pie on Pi Day (March 14, 2013)

76. Cook an entirely organic meal

77. Dine in at least 2 restaurants owned by reality TV stars or celebrities (Morimoto, NYC- Iron Chef)

78. Make pasta from scratch


79. Take a road trip to Carthage and Kirtland

80. Go to the Macy’s Day Parade on Thanksgiving

81. Visit New Orleans

82. Go to Memphis with Coreena and take Leigh Anne Tuohy to lunch and visit Graceland

83. Visit San Francisco

84. Visit the Grand Canyon

85. Go to Acadia National Park

86. Go to Portland, Oregon

87. Go to King Richard’s Faire with the family and Holly

88. Take a road trip to Palmyra and see the Hill Cumorah Pageant

People & Compassion

89. Write Matthew every week

90. Feed the Missionaries every other month

91. Donate 50 books, movies and/or CDs to the library – Up to 24 on 8/3/12

92. Get tested to be a bone marrow donor – Researched this and found out because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis I’m ineligible.  I’ll have to settle for giving a donation.

93. Plant a tree on Earth Day 

94. Inspire 5 other people to create a 101 in 1001 list

95. Send flowers to my mother-in-law for no reason

96. Buy a meal for a stranger

97. Participate in two community service activities

98. Donate to the Fast Offering at church each month

99. Visit NH Veteran’s Cemetery and pay my respects – I-93 Exit 17 Sun-Sat sunrise to sunset.

100. Give money once a month for the Church’s Humanitarian Aid program

101. Donate a $1 for each thing on this list I do not complete


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