twisted humor

Apparently I’ve been around the cynics here at work too long.  There is no way I can not pass this true story along.  On the other hand, there’s also no way I can tell it the same way I heard it, but picture this…

You go in to the conference room for what you assume will be a birthday cake for Bill, only when you get in there the cake says, “Happy Birthday Bill!  We’ll miss you Richard.”  Now Richard is standing there with a dumbfounded look.  The boss arrives a minute or so later and says, “Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you Richard, we’re letting you go.”

I laughed so hard my jaws still ache.  What makes it worse is that everyone in the company knew except this guy!  In real life I imagine it was horrifying.  Hearing it as a story it reminded me of an episode of The Office!

Then what nearly had tears rolling down my face was when one of the other people hearing this story threw in the line, “Hey Richard, can I have your piece of cake if you’re not gonna eat it?”  I about plotzed!


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  1. Let me point out that this was amusing in the sense of gallows humor. We were talking about our own uncertain situation at work at the time.

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