So I’m feeling somewhat out of step…  Apparently there was an uproar in the Church community over the Bloomberg Business Week cover.  I have to say it was with great trepidation that I looked for the cover and then I have to admit it…  I laughed.  I’m sorry it’s just ridiculous.  Yes, I see where we could take affront over their depiction of a scene in LDS history that we hold sacred, but I also see where we need to get the joke. 

If the cover got people to read the article, which was apparently fairly accurate if not giving the entire truth, then perhaps that’s not a bad thing.  People know a bit more about us.  Let me just add that those dollars?  They also support, the church buildings, historical sites, temples, (tax free or not, we still have to pay for heat, hot water, electricity, etc.) as well as offsetting the costs of higher education for our youth, youth programs including Boy Scouts (in which our young men participate for free), and the church welfare program to name a few.  So yeah, we need to loosen up, but I like the quote in the Deseret News from Rick Edmonds,

…media business analyst at the Poynter Institute, which is dedicated to excellence and integrity in journalism, told the Deseret News, “I thought we were past ridiculing sacred images of other faiths, even radical Muslims, let alone our fellow Americans.”


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  1. Exactly my thoughts we need to stop being offended every five seconds, plus that is John the Baptist and not Christ. Good comment!

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