Favorite Book Tea

So… just when I could finally have a weekend to relax I go and think up something new.  I noticed on my calendar that this weekend was supposed to be a Favorite Books Tea.  As it turned out my dear friend Gail is moving away next week (across country no less).  We both have a great love for books and movies, so I thought a book club tea would serve the purpose of wishing her farewell and also perhaps start up a new book club (not a lot of belief in the latter possibility). 

In any event, to make this a fun time, I invited every woman that I know (well nearly) and came up with a simple menu.  So that left discussion questions when not everyone has read the same book.  I was thrilled to find the Lit Lover’s:  A Well Read Community site.  Go check it out!  I particularly love the game ideas that they had.  I’m thinking that if this doesn’t work out with this group, then I’ll have to see what’s going on at Barnes and Noble these days (sadly there is a dearth of independent book sellers in the area) or perhaps the library.  Having ended up in tears when there was absolutely no interest in my other attempts at starting a book club at those two locations, my hope is that someone else had better luck and I can   just join in the fun.


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