so… I haven’t been out to any thrift shops in a while and the more I look around at the finds other people are coming up with, the more I KNOW I need to go…  Donna at Soul Pretty  is my favorite thrifter.  That woman finds the most amazing pieces (clothes and furniture) and then makes them over into the most wonderful things.  Then today I came across Lisa’s blog Dangerous Curves  and her post on her thrifted pieces.  Absolutely wonderful.

I haven’t been to The Garment District  in over a year (see the post here), but the Muppet will be home Friday night.  Road trip!!!



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2 responses to “thrifting

  1. Thank you for the mention! Thrifting has become the primary source of my wardrobe, but it took many years to embrace it as a viable means of purchasing clothing. It takes some diligence, but its so much more rewarding, responsible and fruitful than retail shopping!

    • Okay, NEVER going to give up retail shopping, but I’m very open to getting more into thrifting. I LOVE it when I actually find something wonderful that fits (me or a space in my home). Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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