Yeah, it’s over, and while I hate wishing my life away, all I can say is, “Thank goodness!”  I do however have much to be thankful for today. 

  • Last I heard we still had power (lost it twice this weekend during the heat and humidity);
  • my bestie Coreena gets back in town soon;
  • finally remember that what I saw was Total Recall and NOT the Bourne Legacy (don’t know why but I keep calling it the wrong movie name.  Completely awesome by the way;
  • I’m one day closer to finding out whether or not I will remain gainfully employed; 
  • THE MUPPET IS HOME!!! (way to bury the lead); 
  • I finally got the computers over to the shop;
  • The people at my eye doctor’s are pure sweethearts and are holding my glasses frames in a separate box so I get first dibs looking at them; 
  • I finished very nearly everything I set my hand to on my desk today;
  • I’m headed home to hang with my family.  Life is good.

Now if only I were going home to a kitchen that looks like this…


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  1. Keep me posted on the job…….sorry about the power what a bummer

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