Cristi Rinklin Diluvial

I know it’s Tuesday, but here are this week’s goals:

  • remember to take my meds and allergy pill each day
  • drink at least ONE glass of water each day (I’m working up to the health thing)
  • do at least one meaningful (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.) chore each day
  • play for an hour each day (whatever that means on whichever day)
  • mail Manly Man’s package and see how his Hmong is progressing
  • write the MIL
  • go to the Currier to check out Cristi Rinklin with the Muppet
  • Finish G-Man’s hero list and get the letters out
  • create a packing list for Acadia
  • link to the church web site and listen to the broadcast I missed for seminary
  • finish reading Romans and Corinthians this week
  • make a list of the top five projects on my desk and finish them this week
  • mail cards to the people who need them
  • drop jacket at the dry cleaners
  • deposit EA checks
  • drop off library book donations
  • finish reading A Month of Italy
  • pick up Heart Secret  from Barnes and Noble
  • see if there’s a branch of the church in the vicinity of Acadia
  • print out the House Works holiday plan
  • Budget

I think that’s plenty, don’t you?


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One response to “goals

  1. Whoa — what a list! Now that I add a little check-off box to my to-do lists, there’s a bonus point earned when a task is completed. New favorite pen for list-making? A ‘Pentel’ — writes like a fountain pen: another bonus point!

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