So today’s Happiness Message was:

“The secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy what you have, and to be able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach.”  -Yutang Lin

Lord, that’s so NOT me!!!  I might be able to enjoy what I have, but I am NEVER going to lose all desire for things beyond my reach!  Are you kidding me?  That’s pretty much who I AM!  So, this one just made me laugh.  Okay, the powerball is $305,000,000 and I know the odds are ridiculous, but that’s so not going to stop me dreaming about how much fun I could have with that. 

Typical, bills paid off, but then the hubby and I agreed on where we’d hide out for a month or so while we figured out what we were doing next and who all we were giving money to and which causes we’d be able to support.  It would just be so much fun to be able to give to every one that you wanted to.  Every person, charity, organization, etc.  

 Hey, remember Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?  Robin Leach had it right.  “The dream alone is worth the dollar.”



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3 responses to “contentment

  1. Chris Goodin

    You must either be really poor or really wealthy to pull off that vest he’s wearing.

  2. Love this. Thanks! Contentment truly is attainable 🙂

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