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So Nic commented on my “good gravy” and I hopped over to check out his blog.  Turns out it’s the family blog The Coastal Path and the family is hiking it around Britain!  How cool is that?  I can see where it would be a lot of fun.  The Maine trip cemented for me how much I miss the outdoors and how I need to let the snake thing go (sorta).  In any event, their latest trek is here…

I’m really looking forward to the book club twist for this month which is to hike Lonesome Lake trail in Franconia Notch. 

Lonesome Lake Franconia Notch, NH
Distance: 3.0 miles round trip
Rating: Intermediate
Trail to pristine mountain lake with great views of the Franconia Ridge.  Park at Lafayette Campground parking area off I-93 south. Trail starts at the left side of the parking lot. Follow the yellow blazed Lonesome Lake Trail. After a mile, High Cannon Trail splits to the right.  Stay on Lonesome Lake Trail, as it now becomes steep. When you get to the top, take the Cascade Brook Trail along the south side of the lake.




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5 responses to “serious coolness…

  1. jan matthews

    Don’t go in the water–remember the leeches scene from Stand by Me???

  2. Eeeuw totally gross!!! No worries Jan. I won’t be putting a toe in. I’ll just haul along a bottle of water or two. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Wow thanks for mentioning our walk – we’re honoured! Are you going to hike the Lonesome Lake? The pictures look stunning, especially the ones looking over the valley. We’ve done 200 miles of flat estuary so far on our walk and are longing for a bit of elevation…

    • Yes. I don’t do much in the way of outdoorsy activities, but we’re going to hike Lonesome Lake. I love the White Mountains of New Hampshire – they’re mostly doable and always beautiful. On the other hand, your flat estuary has been lovely!

      • I’ll look forward to seeing the pictures from Lonesome Lake then. Give me a bit of altitude any time – we’re all pleased to have walked out of the estuary this weekend!

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