Isn’t it amazing how we can allow the little things to grow into great big things and begin having a much larger role in our lives than is necessary? I’m dealing with that at work right now — although I’m trying hard to just focus on the work and let the reorganising take whatever form it will.  I believe I will have a chair when the music stops where ever that chair may be.  So, I got this email from Brave Girls Club today and had to share…

Dear Seeking Girl,

So much of the greatest joys in life come from moving something out of the way so we can see what we are intended to see. Often we focus on a problem or an issue, sometimes doing it to ourselves, and sometimes allowing someone else to keep putting something stressful in front of us over and over again. And then it grows so big that we can not see everything else around it, behind it, above it, below it.

Everything has a place. Everything has a time. Everything has a season.

When we allow something to consume all of our thoughts, all of our vision, all of our energy, to suck up all of our joy, all of our heart, all of our goodness, we are not letting anything else in our life have its place, its time or its season.

If the issue that is causing you to struggle was written on a tiny piece of paper and you put it RIGHT in front of your eyes, it would make it so that you could see nothing else. It wouldn’t MEAN that nothing else was there, it would just mean that it is not in its place. Take that “piece of paper” and put it down on a table where you can see it with everything else, how small it is, how much surrounds it, how much bigger the sun and the sky and everything good is, how it does not deserve as much attention from you as it is getting.

Dear friend, beautiful girl, take that worry from in front of your face and see the people who love you, the way things keep working out, the way the sun rises each morning. Hear the sounds of your life, taste the tastes of your life, remember the things you have already learned and been through. Remember how you want to feel and where you want to be. Pick it up as needed and deal with it as needed, but then put it back down and live your life. Life is meant to be joyful.

You are so loved. There is a better way. Always go where the peace is.

A message from your friends at the Brave Girls Club –

(You are welcome to forward this message or repost it. Please include the link to our website at the bottom. Thanks!)



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2 responses to “Focus

  1. Thank you for sharing! It made my day!

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