Independent Movies

So, I’ve always thought of independent movies as something a rare handful of people see and that have to be viewed as one views abstract art.  I was therefore surprised to find Entertainment Weekly’s list of great Independent Movies and to find out how many I had seen and that there were a few I really, really like!

Entertainment Weekly ‘s 12 Indie Movies That Hit It Big:  (Who knew these were independent movies?!  Okay, some are kinda obvious, but others?)

1)      Passion of the Christ (Extremely moving.  Loved it.)

2)      My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Loved it.)

3)      Juno (Really well done and believable except for the father and step-mother’s reaction when they’re first told.)

4)      Pulp Fiction (Not interested)

5)      Deep Throat  (I read the book when I was 12 and cried because she had such a sad life.)

6)      Easy Rider (Saw it when I was like 5 or something when my parents were at the drive-in.  Don’t remember it, but no burning desire to see it again.)

7)      Night of the Living Dead (Creepy and I don’t need to see it again.)

8)      The Blair Witch Project (So not interested.  I thought it looked stupid)

9)      Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Loved it.)

10)   Slumdog Millionaire (still want to see this)

11)   Fahrenheit 9/11 ( I actually watched part of this and got bored)

12)   Paranormal Activity



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2 responses to “Independent Movies

  1. Chris Goodin

    I’ve seen just about all of these and really only the last two are awful. I have to give The Blair Witch Project creativity points, unfortunately it spawned a whole genre of horror movies of REALLY low budget films that only use home recorders and never show the scary thing.

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