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This has been a pretty active few days for me.  I’ve been diving out of the way of my beloved Pepsi (so no soda for four days now) dodging chocolate (thanks for the help Pauline… NOT) and generally trying to eat better and move more. 

Nothing like a glance at the cold hard reality of the scale to get you up on that!  I asked to borrow my pal Angela’s P90X for a week just to see where I could get to on it.  Let’s be real though.  I also ordered a Richard Simmons CD figuring if the reeeeeeally obese people could keep up I might be able to stick with it.  My ultimate goal isn’t to lose weight for health or looks.  I want to order the Insanity workout and earn the T-shirt!! Yeah!!!

So all that said, the sad news is that I won’t be hiking Lonesome Lake this Saturday.  Looks like that will have to wait for later on in the fall season.  I have been however kicking butt at work all week and while the inbox is nowhere near to being  empty I at least kept it from growing in size and beat back the worst of the project beasts.  Woo hoo.  Time to party!!  Okay at age 50 (almost 51) and in my current condition that amounts to driving to Walmart to pick up my photos and then driving home to pick up my scrapbook supplies before heading back to the office to craft and scrapbook for four hours. 

The good news is that Alan is fixing up my craft space for me over the next couple of days and he gave G-Man a ride to buy school clothes.  Being of the high school variety but without a vehicle he mostly needed a ride, not supervision.  I’ll be excited to see what he comes home with.  I remember the first year  the Bear went clothes shopping on his own.  He came back with a $40 Spiderman shirt (expensive for the time) and I freaked.  Well I was trying to be cool, but wasn’t really.  In any event, he went on to prove the value of having kids buy their own clothes.  He about wore the colors off that shirt and was complimented everywhere he wore it.  Who knew?!  Now the Muppet on the other hand is getting  rid of bags of clothes and probably has enough to dress a small village.  I love that girl. J had this room in their scraproom gallery and I’m thinking this could totally work for me.  If you changed all the white to colors.  What are the odds of my getting things arranged enough to pull this off? Hmmmm?  I’m thinking since we’re not doing Lonesome Lake that I’ll get to work on my photograph alphabet and go see Rock of Ages with the Muppet. 

Oh, did I mention I finished the New Testament this morning?  Yah me! Seminary starts in two more weeks and I want to be ready.  Finishing the reading is a great start.


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