return to me


so… I’m back.  I didn’t go anywhere, really…  I wasn’t in the hospital or nursing a sick friend, just tired.  Thankfully I’m on vacation this week.  I haven’t done nearly as much as I’d like, but I’m just so happy to have done anything!  So, the paintings STILL not done and the craft room STILL isn’t organized, but we’ve cleared out even more stuff than we had earlier in the summer (someday we’ll be as close to minimalism as we’re likely to get — which isn’t actually all that close).

The best is that yesterday we went to Brimfield.  I decided to photograph it from A to Z.  I won’t bore you with all the photos, but thought I’d share some of my faves…

Could Amelia once have owned this?

The weather was overcast, but it only kinda rained on the trip down and the trip back.  Not a drop during the four or so hours we were walking around.  Yes!  Oh and it was in the mid-70s so not overcast and muggy, but just right.  Bliss.



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5 responses to “return to me

  1. woa! where did all those jack-o-laterns come from? fantastic!

  2. Oh, Brimfield…I miss you. LOL…I did not go at all this year…sigh. Really, my apartment is about to turn into Brimfield…If I don’t get rid of some of this stuff…thanks for taking us along…I know you had a great time…

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