Home again… home again…

My computer that is.  Been in the shop for a while.  Glad that’s over.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I booted it up this morning!  Of course blogging over breaks or lunch at work is much tougher than just happily typing away from home.   

So, I’m looking at the mess that is my computer hutch and thinking now that virtually every family member has their own computer it’s time to kick out everything that’s NOT mine.  Yah!  Goodbye dozens of computer games without your covers, or instructions, unlabled CDs, wires that don’t go to anything, buh-bye — I’m cleaning house!!  Speaking of which, I should get back to it.  Gotta hot date at lunch to tour the exhibit at the Currier.

Oh, then tonight is date night with the hubby, Cafe Pavone and The Words (I got to pick the movie poor guy).  I’m psyched.  Awesome way to end my vacation.


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