“No light to my eyes nevertheless, could be better than this, which reaches us, all strained and filtered and refined, exquisitely colored and even a bit conspicuously sophisticated, through the heavy air of the past that hangs abou the place forever.”  Autumn in Florence – Henry James

So, date night on Saturday was lovely.  If you’re into arty kind of films, definitely go see The Words.  Story within a story kinda thing and really cool.  Not so much the hubby’s thing.  Not existential or anything like that, just a little unexpected.  I know it got seriously panned by the critics, but I think there is a there, there, but agree with not liking the ending.  Cliched and complicated one critic called it and I have to agree.

So after the movie we went to dinner at Piccola Italia where I met a really cool person whose name totally evades me a the moment.  We passed pleasantries in line and I had so much fun talking to her in those brief moments that after we were seating I took my chutzpah into hand and wrote my name, blog and cell on a piece of paper and handed it to her.  I figure if she thought I was nuts, she can throw it away.  If I find out she’s nuts, I can simply move on, but if things work out, perhaps I’ll have made a new friend.



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2 responses to “Reading

  1. The Henry James quote and picture brought serious tears to my eyes.
    Four more days….:)

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