Chocolate Milk Shake Day

So, I’m not a huge fan of milk, which is weird because I adore every other dairy product especially cheese, but I think an exception can be made for milkshakes as long as they don’t get too milky.  Click on the photo to go to a Chocolate Lovers  Skinny Milkshake.

Who comes up with these days?  I’ll have to think up something brilliant and see if I can’t get it turned into a “Day.”  How about National “Take the Day off From Work and Do Something Fun” day?  Oh, right, those are called holidays and vacations… 

How about National “Take a Nap” day?  I could seriously get behind that one!



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2 responses to “Chocolate Milk Shake Day

  1. “I wish I lived in Tuscany Day”

    Okay, I’d add “with prince Harry,” but. I won’t. 😉

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