don’t you just hate it when…

Don’t you just hate it when…

Somebody already has the really cool license plate you thought was such a great idea?

Somebody grabs the parking space you’ve been waiting patiently for?

The guy in front of you falls asleep at the wheel just long enough for the light to turn red before you get to go, but he guns it and makes it through and there’s not a policeman for a hundred miles, yet you know if you followed you’d get caught or worse cause an accident?

Instead of the atttactive college student to explain the product you’re looking at, you get assigned the creepy guy who has to keep asking someone else the answer to your every question?

You get assigned a project to work on and the person looking over your shoulder has no idea what they’re talking about but you’re the one reporting to them?

You say something stupid and have to apologize but don’t really want to, but you do it anyway and the person makes you feel like an even bigger jerk?

You get called in for overtime during the one time you really can’t/don’t want to?

You lose someone you care deeply about but can’t hide fast enough from the person you just wish would go away?

Honestly most of this isn’t going on with me today, but some of it is and got me thinking about all the “Don’t you just hate it when’s?”  I promise to come back with the reverse on another dcay.


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