thursday and the pictures won’t post dang it!!!

I’m a mess today.  I woke up at 1:00 am and didn’t fall back to sleep until sometime after 4:00, then the alarm went off at 5:15.  Can’t focus, feel like I should be sitting in a corner with a hand over my mouth so I don’t whine and complain.  To be fair, it’s been pretty nutsy here at work and I’m going home at night and falling asleep right after dinner.  Not even watching much on t.v. (last week I didn’t see White Collar, Alphas or Warehouse 13 until the weekend and haven’t seen them this week either!)

 I decided I needed to get out at lunch today, so I went to Annie’s and found a book:  Died in the Wool – A knitting mystery – When Ariadne enters her knitting store one day to find longtime customer Eidith Perry strangled to death with homespun yarn, she fears her life about to come undone — again, since she’s still getting over a divorce. Her worries increase when she’s questioned by detective Joshua Pierce, who my or may not have designs on her.   When one of the managers noticed what I was getting and because she loves me, she gave me a book that she just finished that she can’t sell in the store because she spilled water on it — How to Host A Killer Party – Presley Parker has an event planning business and gets the job of planning a surprise wedding for the Mayor and his socialite fiancee to be held at Alcatraz. The gig goes off without a hitch – until the bride bolts and is later found dead, floating in the bay…   Yeah, kinda dark, but they’re supposed to be kinda comedic, so we’ll see.  I needed something to read that requires no brain power because between the scriptures and all the manuals that go with and the lack of sleep, I was  needing some much lighter reading! 

 I probably should have gone for a walk.  Today was the most perfect weather day in a while.  Blue skies, light breeze, low 70s… brilliant.

 We were supposed to have a yard sale this week, but have put it off.  My bestie and I are going to New York City that weekend (first time this year, so we’re getting the jitters!) I’m not going to have much money this trip (not that I’m ever rolling in it), but I’m excited to hang out with C  regardless.

 We’re planning to go to the Guggenheim.  I’ve never been in all my trips there and while I wouldn’t count mysef a huge modern art fan, I figure I’m learning to better appreciate it, and I’m excited to see the impressionists (Monet et al) and the minimalist painters (I just learned that phrase).  They do this kinda stuff, and I just love it!


Both pieces are by a woman named Toni Grote.  Gorgeous!!  I may even give painting something like this a shot.  I haven’t painted since my class and I enjoyed it so much I know I need to pick it up again. 


I went cold turkey on Pepsi for the month of September.  I didn’t suffer without it as much as I thought I would and now that I’ve lifted my soda ban, I’ve found I’ve cut way back, which is a really good thing.  Now if I could just get my butt moving and exercise maybe I could get a real mood lift going!  Sleep would help (have I mentioned that?)


The Muppet and I are going to the Currier tonight.  They have a new exhibit – Printmaking in the Age of Rembrandt.  We’re going to a members only thing so I’m hoping that means we can actually see the prints and hear the curator without it being hugely crowded because I want to get right back home after and… sleep.      



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