why didn’t you guys tell me?

so… I was sitting around the house the other day and someone said the word/phrase “Steampunk.”  Not having a clue what that meant, I asked.  It’s essentially anachronism only way more fun!  So of course I had to google it and a whole new world has opened up with me free to define it as I like.  Wah-stinkin-hoo!!!!!! Click on the pictures below for links.  So… I found this gentleman and thought he looked amazing, so I had to share the picture here.

Oh, and this look is pretty hot also… (okay maybe not the mask)

Then I found this piece of art and had to share…

So, now I’m asking you to recommend movies, music or books.  I’m certain I can find anything Jules Verne made in my husband’s library, but who else would you recommend?  This is just so cool! Wish I’d discovered it when I was in my 20s when I could actually go around dress like this. : )  No matter, I can still read the books and create the art.



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5 responses to “why didn’t you guys tell me?

  1. YES!!
    Carina Press has lots of fab steampunk writers. Tor books, too.
    I haven’t actually read the ones in my TBR pile, but Cassandra Clare comes to mind…

    • Duh, I should have known Tor would have them. Off to google Cassandra Clare and get some titles. That’s funny. I just looked up Clare and she wrote The Mortal Instruments books which I’m pretty sure I’ve read at least the first one.

  2. But speaking of JV, have you heard Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Center of the Earth?

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