memory lane

so as much as I’m dying to see all the parts of the world that I haven’t seen yet, I’m kinda feeling nostalgic and would love to go back and revisit all the places of my youth…

… so one of my earliest memories is here…

Next one is here… (Karen Circle, North Carolina, this might even have been the house we owned there…)

Then of course there was always Richmond on and off from year to year…  This is one of the rowhouses on Church Hill which has apparently become much gentrified since I lived/visited there…






Oh and all the time in Kansas (Fort Riley and Junction City).  I know it’s famous for its wheat fields, but I mainly remember it being very green.  The summers were the best.  Sunflowers, green, green grass and the lakes (Moon Lake on post and Milford Lake






Washington D.C.   – aside from all of the National Museums, the next best memory is probably watching the 4th of July fireworks from Anacostia Park.

Oh and of course my beloved San Francisco.  I could name a million things(Friends, the Presidio, Baker Beach, George Washington High School, Golden Gate Park, North Beach, Seal Rock, playing car fire drill while the street lights changed after dark, ROTC, the Embarcadero, watching the performers and kite flyers at the park by Pier 39, the Palace of Fine Arts, Blueberry Hill, riding the cable cars, etc.), but I’ll stick with Lombard Street for now.

Oh, then there’s High School in Maryland, (Go Clippers!) Kevin and Gary and my best friend Katherine whom I still miss (she had the voice of an angel and the mind of Einstein — sadly we lost touch). 

and Franklin Pierce College (now University) and the group of 13.  I miss those guys.  Yeah, I miss my youth (as in youth is wasted on the young) but more than that I miss those people (Can I name all 13?  Nestor, Jan, Laura, John, Rob, Caputo, Todd, Gail, Robin, Joe, Dee, Gary and me).  I’m fairly certain my hero Connie was part of a different group.  My deepest apologies if I mixed some names of those that were friends but not in the group or were in the group and I left out.  Call it being awake for too many hours and too many years gone by.  Frankly, I’m pretty dang impressed!


So that leaves the Little Theater at Fort Carson Colorado…   This is obviously a much more recent production than any of those I was in!

The market in Charleston, South Carolina…

Forks, Washington…  Oh heck, the entire state of Washington (at least everything I saw between Seattle Port Angeles and Forks!)  LOVED it!  I’m really excited to go back there and will definitely stay at the Miller Tree Inn with the sweetest people on the planet!

Miller Tree Inn – Elk View Room

We just went to Bar Harbor and of course I’ll keep going to the City, so that’s really all that comes to mind for repeat visits.  Then there’s my list of states I haven’t yet visited.  I’ll make that another post and you should feel free to jump in and make suggestions!  Don’t really remember Georgia, Indiana too well.


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  1. This made me think of the two very happy trips we’ve had to San Francisco (and STILL we haven’t been to Golden Gate Park – third time lucky maybe)

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