Winter 2012-2013 Bucket List

So… noticed some activity over at the old winter bucket list and thought I might come up with some ideas for this year seeing as we have our first snow fall today (although it will be gone by tomorrow).

Rewatch the entire Twilight series, reread Breaking Dawn and go see Breaking Dawn Part II

Go for a sleigh ride

Have family over for Thanksgiving

See A Christmas Carol and the Nutcracker

Print out all of the photos from my SD cards

Spend time with each of my closest friends

make at least two more recipes with Julia

Practice my drawing and painting

Read Anna Karenina and watch the old and new movies

Pick 10 words that remind me of winter and blog about them with photos

Gift wrap eaaaaarly and shop online and go crazy decorating for Christmas

Give every time I pass a Salvation Army Santa (even if it’s just a few cents),  Give to the LDS Church Humanitarian  Aid Fund and Adopt a senior (or two) for Christmas

Relax and laugh more because whether or not these are the last days, they are my last days…



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6 responses to “Winter 2012-2013 Bucket List

  1. Chris Goodin

    Good list!

  2. asundayinjune

    You know, at 55 yrs. old, I’m learning about so many things these days that I really wish I had known about/thought about many many years ago. Like bucket lists, etc. I feel like I’ve wasted so many years just letting life happen to me instead of me creating my own reality. I’ve never made a winter list or summer list or anything list and intentionally made those things happen. This really makes me sad. But now that I know better – I have to do better! Right? I love your list and am now inspired to make my own. This winter will be different from all the rest. Thank you for this inspiration!!

    • Well I’m 51 and refuse to go out without having had a really great time. I noticed I tend to get done the things I write down, so I love my lists and my blog. They help keep me accountable. Thank you for commenting and best of luck with YOUR bucket list! : )

  3. Chris Goodin

    So it’s mid December now, how many have you gotten through so far?

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