let me explain…

No.  There is too much.  Let me sum up…  Buttercup is marry Humperdink in little less than half an hour…  Nope sorry, wrong context.


Vacation, Talk on Faith in God in Sacrament Meeting, Fill Your Cup at the Earnshaw’s (Favorite book/movie), Sister Reed’s memorial service, Lunch with new director, Yard Sale, Storm Duty Training, Teach Seminary – New Testament this school year


Garrett to Dr., Megan interview at Hannaford for Key Floral, Megan dentist, Project Life cards arrived, GHS Open House, Worked until 9:04pm, General Conference, Emergency Room with Garrett, Get hair done at new salon, Weekend in New York w/Coreena, Rheumatology appt., Time Out for Women – Springfield, MA, Dentist – me, soccer playoffs – Alan and Garrett, Storm Duty – four nights,


Storm duty (Area Work Center Logistics Chief – sounds impressive no?  means I order food and hotels for the line crews…), Relief Society Santa’s Workshop, Rewatched the Twilight Movies, Veteran’s Day, See Breaking Dawn 2, Stake Conference, Thanksgiving, Nutcracker at the Palace Theater, Hang out with Pauline, PSNH Craft Faire


Newport Mansions, Creches Carols and Cookies at church, Garrett Eagle Board, Les Miserables, Pauline 30th Anniversary luncheon, Transmission Department Yankee Swap


Changed Departments (same job) and moved to new (larger) cubicle back in old building, Visiting Teaching done, Funeral for Pete Caron, Funeral for Roger Lemay, Package to Matthew, Great review at work, Flowers to MIL just because, teach seminary, start rereading Book of Mormon


Get back to my blog (yah!), Worry over husband keeping job, Pray, pray, pray to change attitude about co-worker so that I can keep my job!

We will now return to our regular (irregular) blogging efforts.  Thank you for keeping the faith!


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  1. Coreena

    Did we really go to NYC in October? It seems like eons ago. I miss New York (sing to the tune of “I Love New York”). Well, thanks for the catch-up! 😉 You wiggled your finger!

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