Lincoln-movie-shot-1024x643So, I went off to see Lincoln yesterday.  I had planned on waiting for the DVD, but I’m glad I didn’t after all.  Wow.  Powerful movie.  I can see why it won awards.  I have to say though I preferred Tommy Lee Jones character over Daniel Day Lewis’ Lincoln.  Both were splendid.  I almost wish I hadn’t watched the featurette as they pointed out Sally Fields is 10 years older than Daniel Day Lewis, but Mrs. Lincoln was 10 years younger than Abe.  I kept noticing…  I have to say I was intrigued enough with the story line (fixated primarily on the passing of the 13th Amendment) that I would now like to read the book, “Team of Rivals.”

I would also like to learn more about Thaddeus Stevens.   Such is the talent of Tommy Lee Jones.




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