Steam Powered Giraffe

Rabbit, Hatchworth and The Spine

Rabbit, Hatchworth and The Spine

So…  at the ripe old age of 52 I’ve decided to become a groupie…  The Muppet introduced me to Steam Powered Giraffe (SPG) and I’m totally hooked.  I really need to get out more!  So, I spent a chunk of the last few days soaking up SPG on You Tube.  They crack me up.  I can’t really categorize their music — kind of like Phoebe Snow.  Not to say they sound Anything like Phoebe Snow, but the same way I have a hard time fitting her into a category, I can’t really fit them into a category.

They are a musical pantomime troupe.  Don’t ask just go check out their videos Honeybee and Diamonds (Rihanna cover) you’ll get it.  So the “robots” in the band consist of twin brothers, David Michael Bennett who plays “The Spine,” Christopher Bennett who plays “Rabbit” and Sam Luke who plays “Hatchworth” and then there are their humans, Steve (their sound engineer), Matt Smith (drummer) and Michael Reed (who plays about a million instruments). 

They are just all so funny and truly nice to their fans, which sadly is becoming more and more rare, and you really feel as though it will last through them becoming “big.”  Okay, and Irene Adler was right, “brainy is the new sexy.”   You know how I love smart AND funny.  Sigh…  So, I was watching one of their one hour You Tube videos which are generally pretty funny and Christopher had a great idea. 
The backstory behind the band is that they were robots created by the Walters family way back when.  So, his idea was to build the Walter Manor.  Essentially a façade for a theater.  It opens into a large foyer with a café off to one side and a museum type room on the other side with SPG paraphernalia.   It sounded like such a great idea that if I win the lottery, I’m so going to offer them the money to build it (in exchange for permanent great seats).

So my newest music crush. 


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