So… ever have one of those days when you just want to kick yourself?  You know, things are going wrong and you’ve no one to blame but yourself (no matter how badly you wish you could pin it on ANY one else?) Yeah, well today was one of those days.

Then there are the people who come along with even worse attitudes and you just want to smack them…  So after realizing I needed to be in time out, I just mostly hid in my cubicle all day.  Good decision really. 

So I was trying to think of something to do to change my attitude.  I thought about praying, but I’m not in a fit state for that.  The next best thing for me is work.  Lord knows my poor house can use it!  So, I ran a load of dishes, folded a load of laundry (can’t vacuum because we need to replace the belt) so I gave up on the rest of the house and headed for my bedroom. 

Yikes!  Who left all these piles of paper in here?!  No way, I would have done that!  Okay, well maybe this bag, oh yeah and that one, oh, and that one… Well hell, I guess I did make this mess.  Only one way to tackle it, like eating a grizzly.  One bite at a time.  So tonight I go through the loose papers that have no home and introduce the bulk of them to Mr. Trash Can, then I go through the bag of winter clothes I dragged out this morning in search of a sweater I don’t own.  Man, don’t we have people to do this stuff?! 


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