About Me

Okay, so I had been drooling over a friend’s blog and finally had to have my own – for a lot of reasons.  I wish I had my mother’s thoughts since I don’t have her and even at midlife there are some days I really miss my mom.  So this is for me for now and my posterity for later.  I’m guessing there won’t be a huge readership, but I’m mostly okay with just having someplace to dump my thoughts.  It also helps to have someplace to put my photos before I get around to scrapbooking them!

If I were more learned I would be a true renaissance woman given all my interests.  I love communicating by email and Facebook with friends and family.  I am still determined that there is at least one novel in me (whether it’s great or not will be debatable I’m certain).  I take photographs (no Annie Leibovitz nor Ansel Adams am I), scrapbook, cook, read, read, read, knit (badly), crochet (poorly), have almost finished at least one quilt and several embroidery pieces.  I will readily jump into any new hobby, but tend to mostly stick with scrapbooking.  I love romance books, action movies, romantic comedies and history.  I can’t wait to share: my thoughts on places I’ve visited, things I’ve learned and anything else I’m excited about (like decorating – another one of my non-gifts) and Christmas (my favorite holiday).

So, come hang out…


7 responses to “About Me

  1. Hello Jenny! My comcast email has been out of service since Monday. They promised it would return by Thursday, but it is now Saturday and there is nothing in sight. Soooo, you can reach me at this other address I’ve supplied here. Time to make movie arrangements!!!

  2. Welcome to blogland. I hope you discover a few blogcasas that offer some stimulation and fun.

  3. Funny that we share that love for romance books (especially after you mentioned Betty Neels in your comment on my blog). I still have tons of M&B and I still love re-reading them. I won’t part with them even if the Mr. thinks that they are just taking so much space. In fact, I’d love to have more. 😉

    • Oh, I hear you. Thankfully the love of my life has my same addiction for books, so I’m free to go wild. I keep Betty corralled in a box under the bed though. I am working on collecting all 138 books. I’d guess I have over a 100 now. Good thing they’re small! 🙂

      • I love the authors of yesteryears. There was more left to the imagination especially of the romance aspect. And I love the places too. I guess that’s also why I love traveling. I also read a lot of Barbara Cartland and that’s were this fascination with royalties and castles also came from. 😉

      • I tried Barbara Cartland years ago and couldn’t get into her. I’ll have to give her another try. I agree. I spend a lot of time skipping pages and paragraphs so that I can skip the sex and just enjoy the romance.

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