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And now for something completely familiar…

Okay, its been so long since I’ve been on that I actually (I cannot BElieve I’m admitting this) just typed the beginning of my blog into the tag section! What an idot! Anyway, I’m happy to break away from sleeping, pinning, facebooking, sleeping, working, teaching, cleaning and sleeping to blog. I’ve so missed you guys!

So, the first thing I have to share are three really incredible blogs I’ve discovered in the last several weeks. You all being the discerning individuals that you are, probably already know them, but just in case allow me.

YoonaThe first is Yoona Park’s Yoonanimous. Hysterically funny and brilliant. You know how much I love funny and smart, right? So, my intro to Yoona was this, adios iphone. I love her style of writing and her stories are so real you just want to live next door and be one of her best friends!

Elizabeth Earnshaw GringeriSo then there’s someone I used to live near (although) not next door, when she was a younger woman, so I do get to see her occasionally when she comes home to visit. Elisabeth “Bella the Blog” is a sweet smart young married woman with a great attitude towards life (and a fabulous sense of style). I particularly loved this post of hers.

vEBarnes and LaraLast but not by ANY means least there’s Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and her self titled blog, I found her via this post which is pee your pants funny and (say it with me) smart. I sent the link off to my bestie Coreena who agreed we need to become best friends with her. I was heartened to learn that she’s in Pennsylvania, not too far a driving disstance and even better her best friend is in New Hampshire (with us!).

So I am not sure how this is going to work because once again WordPress has lost it’s mind. Cross your fingers and I’ll do the same. I’ll blog again soon. (Really!)


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Winter 2012-2013 Bucket List

So… noticed some activity over at the old winter bucket list and thought I might come up with some ideas for this year seeing as we have our first snow fall today (although it will be gone by tomorrow).

Rewatch the entire Twilight series, reread Breaking Dawn and go see Breaking Dawn Part II

Go for a sleigh ride

Have family over for Thanksgiving

See A Christmas Carol and the Nutcracker

Print out all of the photos from my SD cards

Spend time with each of my closest friends

make at least two more recipes with Julia

Practice my drawing and painting

Read Anna Karenina and watch the old and new movies

Pick 10 words that remind me of winter and blog about them with photos

Gift wrap eaaaaarly and shop online and go crazy decorating for Christmas

Give every time I pass a Salvation Army Santa (even if it’s just a few cents),  Give to the LDS Church Humanitarian  Aid Fund and Adopt a senior (or two) for Christmas

Relax and laugh more because whether or not these are the last days, they are my last days…


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Thanks to YOU my lovely readers, I just made another goal.  My blog has 100 followers!!! Yah!!

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Places of the Imagination

Places of the ImaginationSo one of my all time favorite writers has started a blog.  Click on the link above to check her out!

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Oye (aka long-winded babbling and whining – feel free to ignore…)

so let me start by apologizing.   I will try to be more consistent in my posts.  Also, I really meant to make the rest of my posts through the end of the year really upbeat.  I mean we’re headed into all of my favorite holidays!  Halloween (I LOVE seeing the little children in costumes at our church’s Trunk or Treat), Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have my health, my family, my God, my country, and a job).  So really, I haven’t nothing to complain about.  Do you think I’m going to let that stop me? No Way!!!

Things have been a bit difficult of late.  Okay, more of life happening while planning for something else, but still.  Let’s see…

G-Man complained of a bad sore throat, but I shipped him off to school last Thursday only to have the school nurse call and tell me to come get him.  I took him across the street to the doctor’s office where the nurse practitioner diagnosed him with “strep-like” symptoms and prescribed an antibiotic.  Two days later I was with him at 5 in the morning in the emergency room because he was in enough pain that he was whimpering!  Turns out he actually has mono and the antibiotics potentially made it worse (at a minimum they didn’t help.)  So about 11:30/noon, back home we go with a prescription for strong doses of ibuprofen.  I was suffering huge guilt over sending him to school until I found out he must have had it for weeks before the symptoms really kicked in.  Phew! (well, sorta)

As I’m standing in line at Rite Aid behind a woman who was apparently very anxious to get her meds, I get to hear this long winded conversation the pharmacist is having with a guy at check out who’s determined to finish his story and give directions on how to get to wherever he was talking about.  So this woman paces back and forth and keeps muttering.  When the other guy finishes she stomps back over to the line, turns and announces to me, “I’m sorry, I’m just being white.  You know, entitled?” Then she turns around and talks to the pharmacist.  I just kinda stood there with my mouth hanging open.  About two hours later, I thought of, “No you’re just being rude, and that comes in all colors.” (My husband who is a quick wit would have come up with something even better and on the spot. Of course she wouldn’t have been able to use that line on him…)

So back home again only to find out the new bosses’ (I have two now) boss is pretty ticked off I didn’t make it down to the big meeting.  Ugh.  Can’t be in the emergency room and in the meeting at the same time! The hubby wasn’t out from work and G-Man’s under age, so there I sat.  I’m glad.  I don’t think I would have felt comfortable going even if the hubby could have been there.  It’s a Mom thing. 

So two days later, Saturday we did a bunch of stuff, but best of all it was date night, so we went to the movies, Taken 2 was good, but I still think Taken was better.  Watch out when this man puts on his leather jacket!!  So then off to dinner and then to Barnes & Noble.  They were having a movie sale, so we picked up some Christmas presents.  Or so I thought.  I was thinking what a great way to finish off the night.  We got back home only to find G-Man once again wrung out and in pain, so we’re back in the emergency room – this time from 10pm to 1:30 am. Because G-Man’s dehydrated and can’t keep anything down, they hook him up to the IV again and give him serious pain killers and off we toodle back home. 

I wake up Sunday morning all set to watch a session of my church’s General Conference from Saturday only to discover that it didn’t record! Neither session from Saturday!!  I was NOT a happy hiker.  I was able to hear the talks on Sunday and I also especially enjoyed Elder Holland’s talk.  I plan to use it in one of my seminary lessons after we finish the gospels.  Speaking of seminary we’re just up to the Lord’s last week and I am again surprised by all the things that I’m finding in the scriptures that they’ve added since the last time I read them! (hahahahaa)

So the last bit of whining has to do with work and budget season.  I guess I’ve been blessed my entire working life that Budgeting was something that happened to OTHER people!  I really do NOT like numbers and avoid them at all costs.  Sadly, I am left without a choice this year and must participate in the budgeting process for which I am ill-equipped.  I can only pray it passes by quickly and saner heads prevail when deciding who is providing data for this exercise next year!

Sadly, I didn’t take this photo, but it’s similar to the view of the river in our town.

I’m enclosing some New Hampshire fall for you.  I adore autumn in New England, and just wish I had been able to get out and get some shots.  Now it’s kinda too late.  I think peak week was really last week.  Sigh…

Okay, the one happy bit of news I have (okay aside from the child being much improved) is that I’m off to the City this weekend.  Wahoo!  I can’t believe I’ve only been once this year, and that was more escorting the DIL than it was hanging in the City.  Thinking the Guggenheim and Soho galleries on this trip.  We’ll see.


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Chocolate Milk Shake Day

So, I’m not a huge fan of milk, which is weird because I adore every other dairy product especially cheese, but I think an exception can be made for milkshakes as long as they don’t get too milky.  Click on the photo to go to a Chocolate Lovers  Skinny Milkshake.

Who comes up with these days?  I’ll have to think up something brilliant and see if I can’t get it turned into a “Day.”  How about National “Take the Day off From Work and Do Something Fun” day?  Oh, right, those are called holidays and vacations… 

How about National “Take a Nap” day?  I could seriously get behind that one!


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return to me


so… I’m back.  I didn’t go anywhere, really…  I wasn’t in the hospital or nursing a sick friend, just tired.  Thankfully I’m on vacation this week.  I haven’t done nearly as much as I’d like, but I’m just so happy to have done anything!  So, the paintings STILL not done and the craft room STILL isn’t organized, but we’ve cleared out even more stuff than we had earlier in the summer (someday we’ll be as close to minimalism as we’re likely to get — which isn’t actually all that close).

The best is that yesterday we went to Brimfield.  I decided to photograph it from A to Z.  I won’t bore you with all the photos, but thought I’d share some of my faves…

Could Amelia once have owned this?

The weather was overcast, but it only kinda rained on the trip down and the trip back.  Not a drop during the four or so hours we were walking around.  Yes!  Oh and it was in the mid-70s so not overcast and muggy, but just right.  Bliss.


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