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And now for something completely familiar…

Okay, its been so long since I’ve been on that I actually (I cannot BElieve I’m admitting this) just typed the beginning of my blog into the tag section! What an idot! Anyway, I’m happy to break away from sleeping, pinning, facebooking, sleeping, working, teaching, cleaning and sleeping to blog. I’ve so missed you guys!

So, the first thing I have to share are three really incredible blogs I’ve discovered in the last several weeks. You all being the discerning individuals that you are, probably already know them, but just in case allow me.

YoonaThe first is Yoona Park’s Yoonanimous. Hysterically funny and brilliant. You know how much I love funny and smart, right? So, my intro to Yoona was this, adios iphone. I love her style of writing and her stories are so real you just want to live next door and be one of her best friends!

Elizabeth Earnshaw GringeriSo then there’s someone I used to live near (although) not next door, when she was a younger woman, so I do get to see her occasionally when she comes home to visit. Elisabeth “Bella the Blog” is a sweet smart young married woman with a great attitude towards life (and a fabulous sense of style). I particularly loved this post of hers.

vEBarnes and LaraLast but not by ANY means least there’s Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and her self titled blog, I found her via this post which is pee your pants funny and (say it with me) smart. I sent the link off to my bestie Coreena who agreed we need to become best friends with her. I was heartened to learn that she’s in Pennsylvania, not too far a driving disstance and even better her best friend is in New Hampshire (with us!).

So I am not sure how this is going to work because once again WordPress has lost it’s mind. Cross your fingers and I’ll do the same. I’ll blog again soon. (Really!)


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Winter 2012-2013 Bucket List

So… noticed some activity over at the old winter bucket list and thought I might come up with some ideas for this year seeing as we have our first snow fall today (although it will be gone by tomorrow).

Rewatch the entire Twilight series, reread Breaking Dawn and go see Breaking Dawn Part II

Go for a sleigh ride

Have family over for Thanksgiving

See A Christmas Carol and the Nutcracker

Print out all of the photos from my SD cards

Spend time with each of my closest friends

make at least two more recipes with Julia

Practice my drawing and painting

Read Anna Karenina and watch the old and new movies

Pick 10 words that remind me of winter and blog about them with photos

Gift wrap eaaaaarly and shop online and go crazy decorating for Christmas

Give every time I pass a Salvation Army Santa (even if it’s just a few cents),  Give to the LDS Church Humanitarian  Aid Fund and Adopt a senior (or two) for Christmas

Relax and laugh more because whether or not these are the last days, they are my last days…


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et al

This has been a pretty active few days for me.  I’ve been diving out of the way of my beloved Pepsi (so no soda for four days now) dodging chocolate (thanks for the help Pauline… NOT) and generally trying to eat better and move more. 

Nothing like a glance at the cold hard reality of the scale to get you up on that!  I asked to borrow my pal Angela’s P90X for a week just to see where I could get to on it.  Let’s be real though.  I also ordered a Richard Simmons CD figuring if the reeeeeeally obese people could keep up I might be able to stick with it.  My ultimate goal isn’t to lose weight for health or looks.  I want to order the Insanity workout and earn the T-shirt!! Yeah!!!

So all that said, the sad news is that I won’t be hiking Lonesome Lake this Saturday.  Looks like that will have to wait for later on in the fall season.  I have been however kicking butt at work all week and while the inbox is nowhere near to being  empty I at least kept it from growing in size and beat back the worst of the project beasts.  Woo hoo.  Time to party!!  Okay at age 50 (almost 51) and in my current condition that amounts to driving to Walmart to pick up my photos and then driving home to pick up my scrapbook supplies before heading back to the office to craft and scrapbook for four hours. 

The good news is that Alan is fixing up my craft space for me over the next couple of days and he gave G-Man a ride to buy school clothes.  Being of the high school variety but without a vehicle he mostly needed a ride, not supervision.  I’ll be excited to see what he comes home with.  I remember the first year  the Bear went clothes shopping on his own.  He came back with a $40 Spiderman shirt (expensive for the time) and I freaked.  Well I was trying to be cool, but wasn’t really.  In any event, he went on to prove the value of having kids buy their own clothes.  He about wore the colors off that shirt and was complimented everywhere he wore it.  Who knew?!  Now the Muppet on the other hand is getting  rid of bags of clothes and probably has enough to dress a small village.  I love that girl. J had this room in their scraproom gallery and I’m thinking this could totally work for me.  If you changed all the white to colors.  What are the odds of my getting things arranged enough to pull this off? Hmmmm?  I’m thinking since we’re not doing Lonesome Lake that I’ll get to work on my photograph alphabet and go see Rock of Ages with the Muppet. 

Oh, did I mention I finished the New Testament this morning?  Yah me! Seminary starts in two more weeks and I want to be ready.  Finishing the reading is a great start.

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Yeah, it’s over, and while I hate wishing my life away, all I can say is, “Thank goodness!”  I do however have much to be thankful for today. 

  • Last I heard we still had power (lost it twice this weekend during the heat and humidity);
  • my bestie Coreena gets back in town soon;
  • finally remember that what I saw was Total Recall and NOT the Bourne Legacy (don’t know why but I keep calling it the wrong movie name.  Completely awesome by the way;
  • I’m one day closer to finding out whether or not I will remain gainfully employed; 
  • THE MUPPET IS HOME!!! (way to bury the lead); 
  • I finally got the computers over to the shop;
  • The people at my eye doctor’s are pure sweethearts and are holding my glasses frames in a separate box so I get first dibs looking at them; 
  • I finished very nearly everything I set my hand to on my desk today;
  • I’m headed home to hang with my family.  Life is good.

Now if only I were going home to a kitchen that looks like this…

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so… I haven’t been out to any thrift shops in a while and the more I look around at the finds other people are coming up with, the more I KNOW I need to go…  Donna at Soul Pretty  is my favorite thrifter.  That woman finds the most amazing pieces (clothes and furniture) and then makes them over into the most wonderful things.  Then today I came across Lisa’s blog Dangerous Curves  and her post on her thrifted pieces.  Absolutely wonderful.

I haven’t been to The Garment District  in over a year (see the post here), but the Muppet will be home Friday night.  Road trip!!!


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Turning the page

It is with great relief that I looked at the calendar and realized autumn is not so far off and cooler weather will prevail.  I’m just not a fan of the heat, and this year it’s been hot and humid — add that to menopause and it just ain’t pretty!   Thankfully I am somewhat assuaged by Back to School mode. 

Yesterday I wandered through a bit of Staples and noticed Martha Stewart has a new line out (She’s EVERYwhere!)  So with thoughts of back to school and autumn leaves and finally finding out (hopefully tomorrow) that I definitely get to keep my job (say a prayer) on the horizon, I’m thinking it’s time to pick a new theme for my blog (current one ends Augu 18th), organize my craft room and look up inexpensive art classes for this fall.  I’m feeling the need to create something.

“I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils…”  Joe Fox

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Independence Day Fun

Oddly enough, it didn’t include fireworks, a barbecue or a family gathering.  Although on a boat in a harbor to watch fireworks seems like a pretty amazing way to enjoy the 4th!  Nope.  I painted a second coat on the bedroom wall.  Tried out the paint gun I’ve had for months and never used (which now resides in the bottom of our trash can), saw the new Spiderman (it was a lot of fun) and best of all worked on my Soul Book!  I’ll share pictures when I’m done, but for now check out the class over at Brave Girls Club.

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