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And now for something completely familiar…

Okay, its been so long since I’ve been on that I actually (I cannot BElieve I’m admitting this) just typed the beginning of my blog into the tag section! What an idot! Anyway, I’m happy to break away from sleeping, pinning, facebooking, sleeping, working, teaching, cleaning and sleeping to blog. I’ve so missed you guys!

So, the first thing I have to share are three really incredible blogs I’ve discovered in the last several weeks. You all being the discerning individuals that you are, probably already know them, but just in case allow me.

YoonaThe first is Yoona Park’s Yoonanimous. Hysterically funny and brilliant. You know how much I love funny and smart, right? So, my intro to Yoona was this, adios iphone. I love her style of writing and her stories are so real you just want to live next door and be one of her best friends!

Elizabeth Earnshaw GringeriSo then there’s someone I used to live near (although) not next door, when she was a younger woman, so I do get to see her occasionally when she comes home to visit. Elisabeth “Bella the Blog” is a sweet smart young married woman with a great attitude towards life (and a fabulous sense of style). I particularly loved this post of hers.

vEBarnes and LaraLast but not by ANY means least there’s Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and her self titled blog, I found her via this post which is pee your pants funny and (say it with me) smart. I sent the link off to my bestie Coreena who agreed we need to become best friends with her. I was heartened to learn that she’s in Pennsylvania, not too far a driving disstance and even better her best friend is in New Hampshire (with us!).

So I am not sure how this is going to work because once again WordPress has lost it’s mind. Cross your fingers and I’ll do the same. I’ll blog again soon. (Really!)


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Winter 2012-2013 Bucket List

So… noticed some activity over at the old winter bucket list and thought I might come up with some ideas for this year seeing as we have our first snow fall today (although it will be gone by tomorrow).

Rewatch the entire Twilight series, reread Breaking Dawn and go see Breaking Dawn Part II

Go for a sleigh ride

Have family over for Thanksgiving

See A Christmas Carol and the Nutcracker

Print out all of the photos from my SD cards

Spend time with each of my closest friends

make at least two more recipes with Julia

Practice my drawing and painting

Read Anna Karenina and watch the old and new movies

Pick 10 words that remind me of winter and blog about them with photos

Gift wrap eaaaaarly and shop online and go crazy decorating for Christmas

Give every time I pass a Salvation Army Santa (even if it’s just a few cents),  Give to the LDS Church Humanitarian  Aid Fund and Adopt a senior (or two) for Christmas

Relax and laugh more because whether or not these are the last days, they are my last days…


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memory lane

so as much as I’m dying to see all the parts of the world that I haven’t seen yet, I’m kinda feeling nostalgic and would love to go back and revisit all the places of my youth…

… so one of my earliest memories is here…

Next one is here… (Karen Circle, North Carolina, this might even have been the house we owned there…)

Then of course there was always Richmond on and off from year to year…  This is one of the rowhouses on Church Hill which has apparently become much gentrified since I lived/visited there…






Oh and all the time in Kansas (Fort Riley and Junction City).  I know it’s famous for its wheat fields, but I mainly remember it being very green.  The summers were the best.  Sunflowers, green, green grass and the lakes (Moon Lake on post and Milford Lake






Washington D.C.   – aside from all of the National Museums, the next best memory is probably watching the 4th of July fireworks from Anacostia Park.

Oh and of course my beloved San Francisco.  I could name a million things(Friends, the Presidio, Baker Beach, George Washington High School, Golden Gate Park, North Beach, Seal Rock, playing car fire drill while the street lights changed after dark, ROTC, the Embarcadero, watching the performers and kite flyers at the park by Pier 39, the Palace of Fine Arts, Blueberry Hill, riding the cable cars, etc.), but I’ll stick with Lombard Street for now.

Oh, then there’s High School in Maryland, (Go Clippers!) Kevin and Gary and my best friend Katherine whom I still miss (she had the voice of an angel and the mind of Einstein — sadly we lost touch). 

and Franklin Pierce College (now University) and the group of 13.  I miss those guys.  Yeah, I miss my youth (as in youth is wasted on the young) but more than that I miss those people (Can I name all 13?  Nestor, Jan, Laura, John, Rob, Caputo, Todd, Gail, Robin, Joe, Dee, Gary and me).  I’m fairly certain my hero Connie was part of a different group.  My deepest apologies if I mixed some names of those that were friends but not in the group or were in the group and I left out.  Call it being awake for too many hours and too many years gone by.  Frankly, I’m pretty dang impressed!


So that leaves the Little Theater at Fort Carson Colorado…   This is obviously a much more recent production than any of those I was in!

The market in Charleston, South Carolina…

Forks, Washington…  Oh heck, the entire state of Washington (at least everything I saw between Seattle Port Angeles and Forks!)  LOVED it!  I’m really excited to go back there and will definitely stay at the Miller Tree Inn with the sweetest people on the planet!

Miller Tree Inn – Elk View Room

We just went to Bar Harbor and of course I’ll keep going to the City, so that’s really all that comes to mind for repeat visits.  Then there’s my list of states I haven’t yet visited.  I’ll make that another post and you should feel free to jump in and make suggestions!  Don’t really remember Georgia, Indiana too well.

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serious head bobbing going on!

I can’t begin to tell you how badly I want to be home doing something productive or creative today rather than at work fighting falling asleep.  No idea why I’m so tired I went to bed at a decent time.  Probably just work worries and the last couple of weeks catching up to me.  I’m on break trying to reengage my brain.  So… I never did share my weekend in the City.  Here ya go!




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thursday and the pictures won’t post dang it!!!

I’m a mess today.  I woke up at 1:00 am and didn’t fall back to sleep until sometime after 4:00, then the alarm went off at 5:15.  Can’t focus, feel like I should be sitting in a corner with a hand over my mouth so I don’t whine and complain.  To be fair, it’s been pretty nutsy here at work and I’m going home at night and falling asleep right after dinner.  Not even watching much on t.v. (last week I didn’t see White Collar, Alphas or Warehouse 13 until the weekend and haven’t seen them this week either!)

 I decided I needed to get out at lunch today, so I went to Annie’s and found a book:  Died in the Wool – A knitting mystery – When Ariadne enters her knitting store one day to find longtime customer Eidith Perry strangled to death with homespun yarn, she fears her life about to come undone — again, since she’s still getting over a divorce. Her worries increase when she’s questioned by detective Joshua Pierce, who my or may not have designs on her.   When one of the managers noticed what I was getting and because she loves me, she gave me a book that she just finished that she can’t sell in the store because she spilled water on it — How to Host A Killer Party – Presley Parker has an event planning business and gets the job of planning a surprise wedding for the Mayor and his socialite fiancee to be held at Alcatraz. The gig goes off without a hitch – until the bride bolts and is later found dead, floating in the bay…   Yeah, kinda dark, but they’re supposed to be kinda comedic, so we’ll see.  I needed something to read that requires no brain power because between the scriptures and all the manuals that go with and the lack of sleep, I was  needing some much lighter reading! 

 I probably should have gone for a walk.  Today was the most perfect weather day in a while.  Blue skies, light breeze, low 70s… brilliant.

 We were supposed to have a yard sale this week, but have put it off.  My bestie and I are going to New York City that weekend (first time this year, so we’re getting the jitters!) I’m not going to have much money this trip (not that I’m ever rolling in it), but I’m excited to hang out with C  regardless.

 We’re planning to go to the Guggenheim.  I’ve never been in all my trips there and while I wouldn’t count mysef a huge modern art fan, I figure I’m learning to better appreciate it, and I’m excited to see the impressionists (Monet et al) and the minimalist painters (I just learned that phrase).  They do this kinda stuff, and I just love it!


Both pieces are by a woman named Toni Grote.  Gorgeous!!  I may even give painting something like this a shot.  I haven’t painted since my class and I enjoyed it so much I know I need to pick it up again. 


I went cold turkey on Pepsi for the month of September.  I didn’t suffer without it as much as I thought I would and now that I’ve lifted my soda ban, I’ve found I’ve cut way back, which is a really good thing.  Now if I could just get my butt moving and exercise maybe I could get a real mood lift going!  Sleep would help (have I mentioned that?)


The Muppet and I are going to the Currier tonight.  They have a new exhibit – Printmaking in the Age of Rembrandt.  We’re going to a members only thing so I’m hoping that means we can actually see the prints and hear the curator without it being hugely crowded because I want to get right back home after and… sleep.      


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“No light to my eyes nevertheless, could be better than this, which reaches us, all strained and filtered and refined, exquisitely colored and even a bit conspicuously sophisticated, through the heavy air of the past that hangs abou the place forever.”  Autumn in Florence – Henry James

So, date night on Saturday was lovely.  If you’re into arty kind of films, definitely go see The Words.  Story within a story kinda thing and really cool.  Not so much the hubby’s thing.  Not existential or anything like that, just a little unexpected.  I know it got seriously panned by the critics, but I think there is a there, there, but agree with not liking the ending.  Cliched and complicated one critic called it and I have to agree.

So after the movie we went to dinner at Piccola Italia where I met a really cool person whose name totally evades me a the moment.  We passed pleasantries in line and I had so much fun talking to her in those brief moments that after we were seating I took my chutzpah into hand and wrote my name, blog and cell on a piece of paper and handed it to her.  I figure if she thought I was nuts, she can throw it away.  If I find out she’s nuts, I can simply move on, but if things work out, perhaps I’ll have made a new friend.


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the end of summer

so… I was reading the article Marie Osmond wrote for Prevention magazine titled “Laughter is the Best Medicine” and  she’s just stinkin’ cute.  I was a closet Osmond fan for many years and finally decided to “come out” in high school.  I still buy their CDs on and off.  I cried when Olive Osmond died, but I digress. 

The article is mostly about finding “me” time when you’re a working Mom and how often you usually find it somewhere between 11pm and 4am.  I’ve got to say I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.  So I came up with (once again) my 21 things to do before summer ends list.  This year I’m not going to wait for people to go along with me.  I’m just going to go.

Hike a section of the Appalachian trail in the White Mountains

Finish reading the New Testament

Make real lemonade – Okay, does it count if I drink Alan’s awesome homemade lemonade?

Go to the Currier for lunch and see the new Crisit Rinklin piece

I’m thinking it’s finally time to see the Frank  Lloyd house in town

Sleep in a tent at Acadia

Create the list for Garrett’s hero book.


Go yard sale-ing

Eat homemade ice cream at sunset – I’m thinking heading to Cremeland after dinner counts

Donate more of my books to the library.

Take pictures in a photo booth.

Visit Canobie Lake

Go fly a kite.

Pick fresh fruit –  Blueberry season in Maine or shop a farmer’s market – somehow we haven’t done this this year.  Weird. 

Read one of the suggested books from my list of 10 from my 1001 days list (did you get all that?)

Clean up our road well I suppose we could just take garbage bags and spend an hour going down the road from our house.   Lots of loser beer can tosses. Ugh.

Go to Water Country water park

Attend the Hopkinton State fair (this year August 30- September 3)

Go stargazing

See the new Bourne movie


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