world map

Where in the US have I lived?

New York City (Bronx); California (San Francisco and Oakland); Colorado (Colorado Springs); Indiana (Indianapolis); Washington, D.C.; Virginia (Richmond); Maryland (Suitland, District Heights); New Hampshire (Rindge, Manchester, Goffstown);  Missouri (Fort Leonard Wood); Kansas (Ft. Riley, Junction City); Utah (Provo)

What states have I visited?

Vermont, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Nebraska, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Minnesota (I think I’m missing a few.  I’ll have to consult a map)

Where am I going next?

My guess would be Manhattan, Delaware and Pennsylvania!

Where in the world have I been?

Germany (3 years); Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; London, England; Belgium (counting a drive through); East Berlin, East Germany (before the wall came down)

Where would I like to go next off in the world?

Either England to do the Pride and Prejudice/Harry Potter tour or Italy to see EVERYthing!

Old Note: ITALY – So Venice is doing a slide into the ocean and it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to fish it back out.  I’m hoping it can hold on for two more years by which time my youngest will be a junior in high school, my oldest should be gainfully employed, the middle two will be in college or on their mission and Alan and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary.  So… I’m thinking I’ll give Angela a ring and find out what the going rate (at present) is for a nice long trip to Italy including Rome, Florence and Venice.


6 responses to “Travel

  1. LOL, wonderful places all. If Portugal interests you at all and/or you would like to go to the ‘end’ of the world for the best stars every–Sarges/Lagos at the very western tip of Portugal where there once was a school of navigation–and where there was, still might be, a hostel.

  2. Lisbon and Sintra (in Portugal) are also a must 😉

  3. You’re taking a trip to Italy and you’re not going to Sicily? Inconceivable!

    Where did you live in the Bronx?

    • Okay, I’ll have to look into Sicily. Tell me why I should add it to the list. I don’t know where in the Bronx actually. My Mom died many years ago and I never thought to ask her. I am pretty sure I was born in Lincoln Hospital. Is that in the Bronx still?

  4. Sicily is great food, beautiful scenery, and the friendliest people in the country. But if you’re going to northern Italy, a trip to Sicily is a big detour. Maybe you should plan a separate trip!

    Yes, Lincoln Hospital is in the Bronx. I was born a few miles from there, at Westchester Square Hospital, also in the Bronx.

  5. Go to Italy, Rome is a must see and Sorrento to die for.
    Thanks for liking my post, Be Well, Claudia

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