Hope Chest 2

See Sept. 10 Entry

So I pulled my cards back out and decided to date them so that things were more concrete (like the book club).  So here’s the list of events for the year… I’ll report back when (NOT if) they happen.

Jan:  Begin redo of bedroom (this means everything!),  Cook a recipe from Julia Childs, have a spa day at home

Feb:  Host a Valentine’s Dinner (Red Meat, Red Grape Juice and Dark Chocolate), Create a desk spa

Mar:  Get a pedicure, Make lobster bisque

Apr:  Have an Edwardian dinner party

May:  Buy a set of silver napkin rings (preferably at Brimfield), go to Brimfield Antiques Show,

July:  Spend a day by the sea

Aug:  Get a facial

Sept:  Movie Marathon

Oct:  Make or Buy fancy clothes for New Year’s Eve at home party

Nov:  Own a pair of Tiffany pearl studs (Happy Birthday to me!), Buy a gorgeous white blouse

Dec:  See the Newport Mansions at Christmas, Sign up for a photography class



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2 responses to “Hope Chest 2

  1. I hope I am included in at least 75 percent of these things-this is fun….I need to make this list

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